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Google Advanced Power Searching

Google Advanced Power Searching


Power Searcher Certificate

I am a Google Certified Teacher. That means that I have gone to a Google campus and been trained to 3 days on how to use Google apps and can even train others how to use or better use Google apps in the classroom.

I am also a Google Certified Power Searcher. This means that I have taken a Google Power Searching course, and I am now a stronger searcher. This has helped me to search faster and more purposefully in my job as well as when I’m working with faculty or my kiddos.

Well now I can be a Google Advanced Power Searcher too! Google posted on its Google for Students Blog this week, that an Advanced Power Searching online course will begin January 23 through February 8thRegistration is required and it is a bit of work. I will tell you that I use Google so many times a day that I can’t even count. The Google Power Searching course taught me searching tips and tools using Google in a way I have never knew possible. I can’t wait to see what NEW searching tips and tools I’ll learn as an Advanced Power Searcher.

If you are a teacher, a student, a Google user I recommend Google (Advanced) Power Searching class. I can almost guarantee that you will walk away with not only a certificate from Google, but you will walk away with some knowledge about searching that you did not have before. Hope to see you there!

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