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New Year’s Resolution for 2013

New Year’s Resolution for 2013

PaperlessSo this year I don’t want to make a resolution but a list of goals that I hope to accomplish. If I call this a resolution then I will have to do it for a few days maybe even weeks and then ignore it for the rest of the year. So I like the sound of “GOALS” better.

Go paperless – I have the NEATscanner system and Evernote and these coupled with Dropbox and Cubby, I think I can set out to be completely paperless in 2013! This both personal and professional paperless. I’m tired of the papers on my desk at home and at work I find I can access everything I need on the Internet, so just keep the Internet up and I’ll be fine.

Keep a Journal – I have tried to keep a journal for my kids for years and believe it or not I do have a journal for each kid. This time I want to keep a digital journal for them. I’ll start here in Evernote and try to make notes each day. Maybe for a kid, maybe for myself, I’m not sure what will transpire, but in any case I will make an effort to journal.

Archive my Digital Photos – This will be more difficult because I have tried this in the past and I have CDs here and there. I’d like to get them all in one place and backed up. If I could get them to the cloud that would be a dream, but just to get them on an external drive and CD would be fine with me.

Meditate – I know this sounds strange especially coming from me, but I am really finding that if I clear my mind I am more relaxed and focused. I want to be a better mom and employee and I think if I meditate regularly, the goal is daily, then I will be the best me I can be.

Read – ok this might be a little misleading. I do not have time to read…says the commuter, but I do have time to listen. I have an subscription and I get 1 book a month. My goal this for 2013 is to read (and or listen) to 15 books. I think this is reasonable, in the last 2 months of 2012 I read 2 books on the Kindle and listened to 5 books on Hmmmm maybe I should up that? Naw I will keep it at 15 and see what happens.

So there they are…my 5 goals for 2013. I have written them down and now I have to make them happen. I will probably still try to lose weight and work out more…but who am I kidding?


(For more information on going Paperless, check out the links under my Articles/Paperless section.)

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