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Cloud Storage Recommendations

When it comes to Cloud Storage there are options. These are my recommendations:

Google Drive

Google Drive
Cost: Free 5GB
Platforms: PC, OSX, iOS, Droid, Mobile
Upgrade Storage: 25GB-$2.49/mo, 100GB-$4.99/mo up to 16TB

Cost: Free 2GB (500MB/referral up to 18GB)
Platforms: PC, OSX, iOS, Droid, Linux, Mobile
Upgrade Storage: 100GB-$99/yr, 200GB-$199/yr, 500GB-$499/yr (These are Pro versions)

cubby by logmein

Cubby by LogMeIn
Cost: Free 5GB (1GB/referral up to 20GB)
Platforms: PC, OSX, iOS, Droid, Linux, Mobile
Upgrade Storage: 100GB-$84/yr, 200GB-$168/yr, 500GB-$420/yr (These are Pro versions. They sell space in increments of 100GB and have a multi user option as well.)


Cost: Free 10GB
Platforms: PC, OSX, iOS, Droid, Lunix, Mobile
Upgrade Storage: $99/yr for Infinite storage space

If you are using Google App for Education at your school (or Google just apps) and are looking for a collaboration space and place where your students can share documents and information with you, Google Drive is the best option. If you are looking for a place to house all your teaching materials where you can access it from wherever you are one of the other options might compliment Drive.

Being the Nerd that I am I have an account with all of these. I use them all for different purposes, and they keep my data separate and organized.

Keeping your data in the cloud ensures that the data is never lost in a hard drive crash, and it will always be accessible with an Internet connection, usually from any device. As a teacher this is extremely valuable.

Find the best option for you, and let me know what you chose and why…

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