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6 Steps To A Flipped Classroom (by


ToT6stepsFlip has just posted these steps to Flip your classroom:

Step 1: Decide which technology you will use.

Step 2: Decide which video service you will use to publish your videos to your students.

Step 3: Make your videos!

Step 4: Make your students accountable for watching your videos.

Step 5: Keep it up!

Step 6: Bask in the glow of stress-free teaching.

Click Here to read the full article by Josh Corbat, TeachThought Intern

I have some personal comments to add to this article; for starters this is NOT EASY! So understand that the upfront prep is there and this will significantly CHANGE the way you teach and the feel of your classroom. So be prepared.

For more information on Flipped Classrooms see “Flipped Classroom” under the “Articles”

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