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Tabaldo on Tech - Teaching with Technology in the 21st Century

Technology in Common Core

There is no escaping Technology when it comes to Common Core

When it comes to Common Core, it is a fact that our students will need to be fluent when it comes to technology. Students will need to be able to navigate the web, discern important and relevant information, research, prepare and present all using the technology in the classrooms. Common Core assessments will also be taken online, so students need to know how to use the web tools available to them during testing.

So here are a few of my concern as we begin the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation.  

Teachers will be responsible for teaching not just content, but also technology skills that they themselves may or may not have.  Most teachers were not taught technology at school. So teachers are having to learn how to use the technology then turn around a teach it to the students. This can be intimidating and frustrating. Many schools do not have educational technology implementation specialists on hand to aid in the tech instruction of the faculty or students.

The infrastructure is not in place. By this I mean, most schools and districts here in California are not equipped to handle the bandwidth needed to support all the devices that will need to be online at the same time for all the students to be engaging via the web at the same time. I’m also thinking of the CCSS testing that is to come where all students will take the assessments online. Some of the classrooms I see are lucky to have 4 working desktops as a center in the room. Some schools have just a computer lab that has room for 20 kids. Where is the plan that addresses the upgrade the internet bandwidth, getting more devices in the schools not to mention the training and maintenance?

Teachers had better be ready.  Teachers, if you think that you know your subject/grade level and you have been teaching for 15 or 20 years and you are not going to change then you may find yourself out of a job. Common Core is not just’s here. You will need need to change your teaching methods to reflect a Depth of Knowledge not just level 1 & 2 but 3 & 4. This deeper understanding needs to be cross curricular and real world problem based. Students will need to be working more collaboratively in every subject at all levels. And in all of this technology is integrated throughout.

It is unclear how districts are going to meet the technology demands that the Common Core will place on them, but for teachers this is imperative: become tech savvy. Learn everything you can. Take every opportunity to sharpen your tech skills and to bring technology into your classroom. Include various forms of technology in every aspect of your teaching that you can possibly imagine, and you will be ahead of the game.  – Lindsey Fuller, Educational Technologist & 6th grade teacher


 My Recommendations:

  • Participate in ongoing & meaningful technology related professional development.
  • Don’t complain about Common Core, just figure out how to best integrate these new tactics into your classroom teaching.
  • Do the best with what you have.
  • Tap into CCSS resources. There are professionals that have done the standards mapping for you, even assignments that other teachers are sharing! USE THEM!  We are all in the same boat here, share your work & model the collaboration.

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