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Teaching with Technology in the 21st Century

Tabaldo on Tech - Teaching with Technology in the 21st Century

Personalized Mathamatics Instruction to Raise Student Achievement


ToT - webinar

I’d like to share an excellent webinar mathematics resource covering personalized instruction for K-5 students from T.H.E. Journal and Dreambox Learning

Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching

If you work at the district or K-5 education level, you’ll want to view this presentation. This on-demand webinar covers a next generation technology that is able to tailor instruction according to each students’ unique needs and current understandings and interests, while ensuring that all responses subscribe to sound pedagogy.

This presentation covers how to:

  • Create rigorous elementary mathematics curriculum and motivating learning environment for students K-5
  • Raise the overall achievement level of all students by meeting the learning needs of each individual student
  • Understand the research base required for school districts to invest wisely in technology

View Here!

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