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I Might Have ABKS!

 Apple Box Keepers Syndrome

Apple BoxesSo recently I did some serious purging and as I was cleaning each room it became clear as we found Apple boxes in closets and cubbies, that Mom might have a problem…I Googled it and I’m not the only one and I’m certainly far from the worst!

I wanted to know why I had kept these boxes and not other boxes? I did not save the box to the TV, the BluRay player, the mixer or the microwave, but I have saved EVERY Apple box for every Apple product I own (past and present.) Why?

I thought about it for days and I still cannot justify a good reason for my behavior. I just did it. There was really no thought that went into it. I did not say to myself that I should keep the box, I just took out the device and stickers and cords, etc. and tucked the box up somewhere where it would be safe until……..until what? Until I cleaned and made my kids throw away empty boxes and broken toys that when they started finding and piling the Apple Boxes up it became the joke of the house.

So I have a confession to make – I really have 11 Apple boxes even though there are only 10 pictured here, the 11th box is at work in my file cabinet, since it is a work issued MacBook Pro. (*sigh* – I feel better now that I have come clean.)  Also, I think you should know that although as I type this, all of these boxes are sitting on the dresser just across from me, I do plan on discarding the boxes of the devices that are out of warranty and/or are long gone (iPhone 3Gs.) I did take pictures of all the boxes information tags with the S/N and IMEI  and specs on them; but I’m not sure why?

I’m not sure of the reason I feel that there is a sense of loss even as I think of discarding these boxes. Rationally I know that I should have no sentimental attachment to a BOX for crying out loud, and yet I do. Is it because I have come to rely and depend on these products that were birthed from those boxes? If so then I need to examine my technological life, and maybe unplug a little bit more. My intelligent mind knows that this is silly and that I should be able to just toss them and not feel one bit sad, but I’m not sure why the thought actually makes my stomach a little woozy.

First thing tomorrow (or maybe closer to trash day) I’ll take the boxes out to the recycle bin and say a few words (in my head) and toss them in. *sniff*sniff* I’ll be brave and know that I am doing the right thing……or am I????

I’d really like to know your thoughts on this topic. Do you save your Apple boxes? Why? Please post your comments below and join in the conversation.
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