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iPad Keyboard I Love

  I wanted a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad mini and I finally found THE one!


I felt like Goldilocks looking for the perfect keyboard. One was to long, one was to small, and one was just right!

I use a MacBook Pro as my primary device and I needed a keyboard that I could take to meetings with my iPad mini and I really felt that the proper keyboard was a necessity to my workflow and productivity.

When I first got the iPad mini I was looking for a keyboard that was going to work for me. I tried the Zagg mini9 Folio, the keyboard was a good size but the folio defeated the purpose of a mini. It was just too long.

I returned the 9 and got the Zagg mini7 Folio (seen in the photos below.) It was smaller but thick, heavy and the keyboard was just too small. I have pretty small fingers, but this keyboard was so small that my typing was  full of errors and I spent too much time correcting and editing, that again it was not going to work for me.

I then ordered the Zagg FLEX last week and was so happy, because it was  just right!  As you can see by the photos, the FLEX is about a 1/2 inch wider and the keys are just a bit bigger. This really makes a difference in my typing efficiency. I have been very happy with the Zagg FLEX, the size is perfect for me, the battery life is amazing, and it is lightweight enough to throw in my bag with the iPad mini and get to a meeting without unplugging the MacBook Pro from the dock.



iPad mini (top) Zagg mini7 Folio keyboard (middle) Zagg Flex keyboard (Bottom)

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