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Evernote – a “How-To” Series (1)

A Series of “How-To” Videos on Evernote


At the recent Hack the Classroom Event, I did a session on Evernote. As we know Evernote is so robust that a 25 minute session is just not enough time to do it justice. I promised the session attendees that I would create a series of videos to get the most out of Evernote. Well here they are.

Often, when I tell people that I use Evernote, I hear;

” I downloaded that but I never really figured out how to use it or what it does.”

Using Evernote is not a “kinda use it” or “sorta use it” kind of app. It is a commitment to getting organized and having access to all your important document and information at your fingertips.

These videos are the first 3 that I have recorded.

 Evernote – Getting Started (1) is how to set up an account.

(Click here to sign up for a new account with 1 month Premium)

Evernote – Creating a note (web) 2

 Evernote – Basics (desktop)- 3

Need more? Check out post 2 in the series!

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