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Evernote – A “How-To” Series (2)

Part 2 of a Series of “How-To” Videos on Evernoteevernote_logo_4c

This is the second post in a series of posts with videos on getting familiar with Evernote. If you have been thinking of a tool for managing your work flow, or just need a tool to help you with all your paper, or maybe you want a collaboration tool, or maybe you just want to be paperless, then Evernote is the tool for you!

These next 2 videos are for those of you who have already created an Evernote account, downloaded the desktop app and are have a basic understanding of Evernote.  (If you need to do any of the tasks just mentioned, just read the “How-To” series (1) post.)

Evernote – More Basics – (4)
searching notes & photos, sharing notebooks, tagging


Evernote – Features (desktop app) – (5)
Adding files to a note, recording a note, emailing to a note

Stay tuned for more on Evernote!

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