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Screencast on a Chromebook!

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My post back in December where I reviewed my Chromebook (Samsung Series 3) talked about how as a teacher I like to do screencasts to record my lesson for online courses (or Flipped Lessons.) The Chromebook had no decent option at that time. Well the time has come, screencasting on a Chromebook is now a real option.

I have found two decent options: Screencastify  and SnagIt


Screencastify is a Chrome extension that is by far my favorite to date. It is simple to use and perfect for a Chromebook. Start by installing the Extension in the Chrome browser. The extension will look like this:
ScreencastifyWhen you click on the extension you get a simple menu where you can choose to record the tab or the screen. You can choose to record video and the microphone/audio is enabled by making sure the boxes are checked as seen below:

When you click the Start Recording button the Extension Icon changes to this:
Screencastify3When you are done recording click the icon and another menu pops up:

You can click Stop Recording and your screencast will render. You can click on Show Existing Screencasts and export the screencast to YouTube, Google Drive or just download to to your computer.


Using the TechSmith Chrome App and Extension together you are now able to record your entire screen as well as audio. This is a very recent update to the TechSmith products. First install the TechSmith SnagIt App from the Chrome Web Store. Next install the TechSmith SnagIt Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

TechSmith SnagIt

 The SnagIt extension will now show up in your Chrome Browser Extension Section and in your Apps extensions-x snagitapp Open the App to access the TechSmith SnagIt Library and click the Settings Gear to enable the Experimental Features and confirm your audio is working (If you plan on narrating the screencast.)

ToT snagit settings

When you are ready to screen cast you will need to click on the App and click on New Screen Recording and away you go! New Screen RecordingWhen you are done screencasting click on the button at the bottom to end the screencast and then click “Share” – to post to Google Drive or YouTube.   I want to give credit to Will Kimbley from for showing me this at the West Coast Google Summit following the 2014 CUE Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

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